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The quantum leap is the second part of Da Icefire's journey, he once walked away from the eye saw that became london only to return to make the ultimate sacrafise.... himself.... with the enlisted help of David Jay who plays the role of "rear admiral albert calavicci" he travels through time to make right that which has been made wrong, after loosing the battle with evil with many of his comrads executed and exiled he was lucky to be saved by his guide david jay, with fifthteen minutes to spare before the time of appocolypse, phoenix was rescued from the clock tower so that he may learn just how the world was plunged into a sea of darkness.

It wasnt long after that untill phoenix heard the telapathic cries & Echoeing thoughts of his people from around the globe, this was to be the fuel which drove him towards the promise land of Zion in ethiopia where everything was as it should be, the children played, the community sang & the people rejoiced in thanks for the plentiful harvest & blessings of the universe, however there were two wise orecles by the names of El-crisis & yasine who spoke the prophecy of a mighty kingdom under threat which would eventually be lead to its own destruction.... The fall of africa Troubled by the fact that this heaven would soon come to an iminent end he took refuge at the top of a mountain in search of some kind of Therapy. Phoenix da icefire began to reason with David jay in order to find out how a mighty continent could fall in such a way, he was told that there would be a time where people would be enslaved and bound in chains not physically but mentally, these people are to be classed as Mental Prisoners. 

Drunk in dispair he found himself in the 1800's wandering the streets of london searching for answers, questioning the very ground he walked on "Tales of the coble stones" he said if the streets could speak it would tell tales of trechory, mercelless killings, rape and deception, he was hastily taken by David Jay to america to see the affects of the toppled continent, he arrived in 1960 where his brothers & sisters were no longer regarded as Gods & Godesses instead they were treated like the dirt they walked on, young warriors now classed as gang members cut down plants "marijuana" and sold it for paper currency "Lumber jack stacks" No longer was the physical body regarded as a temple,it was desicrated with drugs and alchohol, with this plauging their minds and bodies his only hope of communicating to them in order to set them free was to "Aim for the soul" with his message, he called upon the help of a warrior griot named Rustee juxx in order to assist him in his fight to break the people free from mental slavery by speaking to them in this new aggressive language they have come to know.

This did more harm than good as the very people he tried to save turned against him as if they were completly controlled like puppets, with no choice left phoenix had to break open the locks which caged the beast within in order to defend himself from the claws of death, it was as if he opened "The box of pandora" a war was waged on the very people he vowed to protect, days of what seemed to be an eternity of blood shed finally came to a close when Cyrus malachi was sent to save him from himself, his wise words was to take him and the people he fought against "One step from damnation" The day drew to a close and the moon was as big and as bright as it was ever going to be, it was the time of"Lunar perigee" this moon played a big part in casting a spell over the world, the two hero's felt as if the time they were in had spoken and that there was no way for them to win in the struggle for liberation, phoenix called upon the help of Klashnekoff & Keith murray, it was as if they had reached "The point of no return" and there was no turning back from the fight.... the war continued.

The numbers of the opposition grew forcing the hero's to be "Exiled" from what should have been home, this was a low point for phoenix. As the hours of walking turnt to days and days amounted to months, answers to the questions came slow....everything stopped making sense, years past & the only thing that played in his mind was the term "Politricks". He realised that which was in front of his eyes the whole time, the TV was channelling programmes which shaped and formed the worlds perception of what was right and wrong, what was acceptable and unexeptable what was power & what was weakness, even down to the image of beauty, he began to study law and take the fight to the powers that be in the attempt to be a warrior in the new time he was in. pushing forward with this new form of resistance he had chosen, he was quickly brought to his knees once again, mother earth was now the one who was upset.... with the human race, phoenix was in a time where people no longer acted as the care takers of this earthly parridise, instead they caused the extinction of animals both land & sea, they assisted the slow and painful destruction of the ozone layer & drained the arth of its bounty, phoenix broke down with cries of agony as he looked at the state of the earths inhabitants "Through the eyes of gaia" Enraged from the suffering he had beared witness to, he scutinised the angelic warriors who were sent to earth to instruct and protect thus bringing about the long awaited change that was fortold to come, these messengers were now reffered to as "Artist" they were now exhulted for material gain and worshipped as gods of the lower self, they now stood as bill boards which promoted sex, drugs, money & violence, they had now become demons counteracting the true words that were meant to be spoken in that time. Phoenix went to visit the living legends of that time in order to seek some answers, he was escorted by david jay once more to the address of this so called super star, he passed the gold plated gates, strolled through the aceres of land only to reach a door twice the size of the being that opened it, phoenix came in and sat down and asked one question "has leading your people astray set you free?" The star replied with his head hung low "there is no such thing as "Freedom".

Shortly after that phoenix was greeted with the feminine touch of temtation, 6 girls made there way down the stairs in order to change his mind and make him give up his quest for liberation, beads of sweat began to run down his face as the women ran there hands down the hero's body suit, each of them experianced in the ancient art of "Karma sutra" they managed to undress him and hold his attention long enough for the rap star to gag and carry David Jay away, seperating the two proved to be far too easy, was it the end of the fight?

The only thing that these demons didnt include within their plan was Solar black his alter ego coming to save the duo, Solar black threw the she devils off of him and fought the agents that were called in to finish the job, phoenix flew upstairs and defeated the rap star who almost did away with his spirit guide.

With not even a second to spare phoenix retreated to the predynastic period of the hisxcox kings and began to retreat once agin.... within himself, as he was taught that everything that makes up the universe existed inside of him, years of meditation & preperation would one day allow him to return "Back to the future" to initiate the begining of the end of the oppessors which plauged and decieved the entire world.

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